SEMA 2015: 1955 Chevrolet Nomad ‘Sunmad’


When it comes to the Tri-Five Chevys of 1955, 56, and 57, most owners fall into one of two groups. You have the cars which are restored to their full original condition, and you have the cars which have been set up for drag racing with a big block, roll cage, rear wheel tubs, and drag slicks. So it was quite unusual to see Ron ad Debbie Pfisterer’s 1955 Nomad at SEMA 2015, because it wasn’t like either of those.

In fact, the car seems to be set up more as a cruiser / pro-touring vehicle, which I’ve not seen done to one of these cars before. The first thing that caught my eye was not the bright orange color, but the directional wheels from a C4 Corvette.

1955-nomad-sunmad-profileAccording to a sign near the car, the “SunMad” rides on a Paul Newman chassis with C4 Corvette suspension and brakes. Under the hood is an LS1 V8 engine with a 4L60E automatic transmission and a wiring kit from Street and Performance Wiring. So, no doubt this ’55 Nomad has some more power and handling than most classic Chevys!

There is also a ton of custom body work done to the car. It has a custom grille area and grille bar, center hood bar, molded cowl, and flush mounted door handles. The tailgate has been cut in two and opens “barn door” style, with the body line extended under tailgates between quarters. There are also custom reverse lights and chrome surrounds, a custom “smoothie” bumper, and the license plate cut into rear bumper!

The car’s interior is equally interesting, with upholstery work by Dan Williams of DJ Designs. There is a custom steel center console with a B&M Street Bandit shifter, and the bucket seats were sourced from a Lexus!

It was neat to see a Nomad done up in a way that reflects the owner’s personality and taste. The “SunMad” is one cool ride for sure!


Owners: Debbie and Ron Pfisterer
Body and Paint work: Mike Schiada Customs and Ron Pfisterer
Paint Prep and Assembly: Chris Honn and Ron Pfisterer
Paint: BASF Glasurit – Orange Sherbet Pearl
Painted By: Robert Medeiros
Custom Paint on Roof by: Rory Pentecost
Upholstery: Dan Williams – DJ Designs
Glass: Tony Gomes – Tri-Valley Glass
Liftgate and Nomad Parts: Mike at Mad Mooks
Chassis: Paul Newman Car Creations with C4 Corvette Suspension and Brakes assembled by Ron Pfisterer

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