1957 and 1958 Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon

One phrase that I often overhear at car shows is: “They sure don’t make ’em like that anymore.” In the case of the Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon, they didn’t make ’em like that then, either!

The Caballero Estate Wagon was produced for two years only in 1957 and 1958. This ultra-rare car features a pillarless 4-door design and was GM’s only hardtop wagon. According to HowStuffWorks, Buick produced 10,186 Caballero Estate Wagons in 1957 and just 4,456 in 1958.

The Century was Buick’s performance model, and the wagon was no exception. Under the hood was a 364-cubic inch V8 that produced 300 HP. The spacious interior features almost as much chrome as the car’s exterior – it’s a wonder drivers didn’t go blind from all the glare!

When it was new, the Century Caballero sold for about $3,706 (approximately $30,500 in 2012 dollars). Today, these cars sell at auction for anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 with one car fetching $97,000 dollars at RM Auctions in 2007.

The car’s higher price over other Buick models, the expensive tooling, and a change in consumer tastes (pillarless wagons are now considered a short-lived design fad) were all factors in the Caballero’s early demise.

I think this is a shame because it’s a great looking car and a very unique design. The big chrome swoosh on the sides is typical of Buick designs of the time, while the lack of VentiPorts is unusual. It really makes you look twice at the car to identify what it is. It is not common to see one of these old cars cruising around, especially one in such immaculate condition! Hope you enjoy the shots of this beauty of the chrome era.