1961-65 Corvair Greenbrier Sportswagon (Corvair 95/Corvan)

You may recall my article a few days back regarding the Fiberfab GT40 kit car.  Well, as it turns out that off fenced off parking area also contained a Corvair Greenbrier Sportswagon.. just out of frame (surprise).  Whoever owns this land clearly has a thing for these cars, or just picked an odd vehicle for a donor motor (from which vehicle to which though?).

I’m not sure what year this van is from as most of the yearly updates seem to be mechanical, and any year to year difference is too subtle for me to tell from Google image search.

Although these were marketed as wagons and not vans they are widely considered to be the first american minivans.  They were also offered as a pickup truck with a bed or no windows at all as a panel van (Corvan).  They were basically the american equivalent of the VW Bus of the era.  You’ve got a van based off of a car, an air cooled engine in the back, some safety hazards, and a drivers seat over the front wheels.  Perfect.

Maybe you’ll see one or both actually fixed up and cruising around Monterey Bay California one day?

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4 thoughts on “1961-65 Corvair Greenbrier Sportswagon (Corvair 95/Corvan)

  1. We had a ’62 and all 10 kids plus Mom & Dad fit in it…. somehow. Once my dad was backing out of the garage and he ran over my little brother- right across the rib cage- with no lasting ill effects. Little bro went on to be a pretty big name in the auto industry & he’s not done yet.

    • That’s quite an interesting story. You said your little brother has a pretty big name in the auto industry? Would you care to elaborate on who he is?

      • He’s the business manager for Ford Racing. Apparently his rib cage was still very flexible and the van was lightweight, I saw the tire track bruise marks across his back- and some day I bet the photo will turn up… the family doc lived next door…
        The Greenbriar rusted out pretty fast, we could see the street thru the floorboards by ’68 and got blessed with holy water when it went thru puddles. We got a ’69 Catalina wagon after that…we loved it til a gallon of milk spilled on the back carpet. Peeae yeeuuw!

        • Haha, thanks for the reply. If I see your brother George at SEMA this year, I’ll be sure to rib him about this story. Pun intended.

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