1965 Ford Mustang GTS Fastback ‘Bad Apple’

While walking around at Barrett-Jackson 2014, I spotted this ’65 Mustang Fastback nicknamed “Bad Apple.” Honestly, it looked so good I thought it was a Ringbrothers car at first glance. The shaved door handles and no side mirrors give it a really sleek, streamlined look. As it turns out, this car was actually built by Jim Green’s Performance Center in Monroe, WA.

On the one hand, this is a really nice build. The work that has gone into this car is first rate and I truly believe that it was a $200,000 build, as mentioned in the auction notes. On the other hand, this car exemplifies just how ridiculous the muscle car world has become.

Here you have a 1965 Mustang that costs more than a brand-new Aston Martin DB9! Think about that. There are a lot of these “money-no-object” builds at Barrett-Jackson, but the economics of most of these cars just don’t add up. Some muscle car guy who makes decent (but not crazy) money probably got in over their head on this car, and had to sell it in order to pay the restoration shop that built it.

Well, I think that’s exactly what happened here. Not long after being finished in 2013, the car was listed on eBay where it sold for $40,100 on Sept 27th. Someone picked it up and consigned it a few months later at Barrett-Jackson 2014, where it sold for $90,200. If the car really cost $200,000 to build, someone lost a lot of money on this thing, and somebody else got a great deal on a restored ’65 Fastback. Meanwhile, a middleman made a tidy profit by flipping it.

This car is like buying a $4000 Armani suit, having it tailored to fit your body, then realizing that you have to sell the suit when the bill comes. While every prospective buyer can look at the suit and agree it is a very high quality garment, a used and tailored suit will only appeal to someone of a similar size and who likes the same style (such as the material, colors, etc) of the suit.

In the same way, everyone can agree that the craftsmanship on this car is excellent and that a restored ’65 Fastback is a valuable car. However, its value will be greatest to someone who likes a green car with a tan interior, and who is okay with new-school carbon fiber bits on their muscle car.

Economics aside, this “Bad Apple” is a really cool car. Under the hood is an all-aluminum Carroll Shelby 427 FE big block V8, pro-built by Jim Green’s to 452cid. This engine is coupled to a Tremec TKO-500 5-speed manual with an Eaton 9″ rear end, 3.73 gears, and a limited slip differential. That should make one heck of a burnout machine!

Like any good resto-mod, this car does more than just go fast in a straight line. It can corner with the best of them thanks to the fully framed and welded chassis, custom Jim Meyer control arm front suspension and Morrison 4-bar rear, plus coilover shocks. Bringing all of that power to a stop are 9″ Wilwood brakes tucked behind the 18″ Rushford modular alloy wheels.

There’s also a ton of custom body work on this “Bad Apple” including shaved trim, smoothed bumpers, a custom Shaker-style hood, hand-fabricated rear spoiler, and a lot of other small touches.

I like the Bad Apple and I think it’s a neat car, and while it’s a steal at $90 grand, it’s still far too out of my price range to do anything more than dream about it.

Bonus: Check out this slide show of the car’s build photos on YouTube: