SEMA 2015: 1969 Camaro ‘Jackass v2.0’ by Mark Stielow

1969-camaro-detroit-speed-frontYou can’t walk around SEMA for more than a few minutes without passing by several different first-gen Camaros. Many people try to put a “modern twist” on this muscle car classic by adding LED headlamps or other accents that look out of place. It was nice to see a ’69 Camaro that looks like a Camaro.

This car belongs to Mark Stielow, who has nicknamed it “Jackass v2.0.” Right off the bat, there is a supercharged LS9 engine from the Corvette ZR1 under the hood! This supercharged crate motor pumps out 683 horsepower and 604 ft-lbs of torque from its 6.2 liters.

While that big power would make the Jackass Camaro a strong drag racer, it’s actually set up to handle corners quite well. It has a full Detroit Speed suspension and carbon ceramic brakes from the ZR1. With its transmission cooler and rear-end cooling system, it was built to run hard at the track. When the other cars have crapped out or need to take a break to cool down, the Jackass Camaro will keep on running, smooth and cool.

This car competed in the 2015 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI) in Las Vegas, which takes place alongside the SEMA show. It placed 28th out of 81 competitors – a solid contender for sure!

Engine and Driveline
Chevrolet 6.2L LS9 Supercharged Engine
Tremec T56 Transmission
Transmission Fluid Cooler
Rear-End Fluid Cooling System
Currie Rear End

Suspension, Brake, and Wheels
Corvette ZR1 Carbon Ceramic Disc Brakes
Corvette ZR1 Wheels
Detroit Speed Front Suspension

Body and Exterior
Front Spoiler Relocator Kit

Recaro Seats
MOMO Steering Wheel