1969 Ford Torino Talladega GPT Special

It should come as no surprise that when you combine some of the biggest names in hot rodding with a lot of money and a three-year build time, the results are going to be nothing short of amazing.

This 1969 Torino Talladega is not just another resto-modded muscle car with big rims. This car is Babe Ruth hitting three home runs in Game Four of the 1926 World Series. This car is Jimi Hendrix on stage at Woodstock. This car represents a team of builders (led by Troy Trepanier) who have perfected their craft. These guys are at the top of their game and pull off miracles that other builders can only dream of.

The car belongs to George Poteet, the millionaire businessman from Mississippi who has commissioned more custom hot rods than anyone else. George’s love of cars (and his very deep pockets) have made him a legend in the hot rodding community. But George isn’t bankrolling these custom rides to win trophies – he’s a driver. He holds numerous land speed records at Bonneville and other racing events.

This particular car was built as a tribute to the Holman Moody NASCAR vehicles of the late 1960s. For whatever reason, Torinos never really won the favor of the hot rodding community in the same way that the Mustang or the Galaxie did. That makes it all the more special to see one done up like this!

For a build like this, a simple crate engine just won’t do. The 530 cubic inch engine is based on a Ford BOSS 429 block and runs a custom fuel injection setup with a rare Ford experimental intake that George picked up at a swap meet. Combined with a set of Kaase aluminum heads, the engine puts out a healthy 750 horsepower!

Like most modern hot rods, this thing is set up to dominate not just in the straights, but in the corners as well. It has been set up with a custom Art Morrison chassis and the front suspension from a C5 Corvette. A set of large disc brakes from Wilwood increase stopping power at all four corners.

Where this car really grabs attention is with the bodywork. There are a ton of subtle changes almost too small to notice, like the 2″ flared wheel arches or the shortened fenders. The entire front nose of the car is custom-made along with the front chin spoiler for some additional downforce. The whole thing was then coated in a “Tennessee Whiskey” paint job with “Daytona Sand” satin accents.

As you can imagine, this car has been collecting awards everywhere it goes. It took home a Mother’s Shine Award from SEMA 2013, which is the top honor of the show. It also won the 2013 Optima Batteries Street Machine of the Year award at the Goodguys PPG Nationals. On top of all that, it won the 2013 Barrett-Jackson Cup, which carries with it a $20,000 prize!

This is one amazing car and I am certain that this Torino will be remembered as one of the highlights of Troy Trepanier’s career.

Engine and Driveline
Boss 530cid fuel injected V8 engine w/Kaase aluminum heads – 750 HP
TKO 5-speed by Bowler Transmissions
Hurst shifter
Mark Williams “Ultimate 9” rear differential with 3.70 gears and Detroit Locker
Flowmaster exhaust
Eaton Posi

Suspension, Brake, and Wheels
Art Morrison chassis
C5 front suspension
4-link rear suspension
Wilwood 14″ disc brakes
Billet Specialties GT40-style wheels  18×10 (front) and 20×12 (rear)
Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires

Body and Exterior
BASF Glasurit two-tone paint job
Tennessee Whiskey Gold gloss – bottom
Daytona Sand satin – top
Billet grille
Custom chin spoiler
Front fenders shortened 3″
Rear wheel arches flared 2″
Custom Talladega-style sloped header panel and fenders

Classic Instruments gauges
Roll cage