1970 Barris “T” Buggy

We love to talk about the 1970s when it comes to cars. The decade that started out with the best that Detroit had to offer and ended with the worst the world had ever seen. The 80’s were only slightly uplifting in the sense that sporty cars became sporty once again, but your daily beater was more than likely going to be a front-wheel-driver that might (or might not) have been made better than cars from the 70s, but was worthless once you were done with it. It couldn’t be made into some kids hot rod after a few years thanks to it’s transverse engine and complicated engine management systems. It just got crushed.

The 70’s being as strange as they were, also had something we don’t: A plethora of used VW “bugs”. Thanks to someone’s good idea to cash in on these cheap cars, replacing the body with a stylized fiberglass shell to give the appearance of an off-road vehicle became a huge craze.

George Barris, being the type of person that isn’t going to miss out on capitalizing on someone else good idea (by slathering over their work with his brand of bullshit) had some marketed under his name as well. The interesting thing about the Barris buggy is that it’s made to look like an old C-cab Ford. I’d honestly be surprised if this was his original idea.

Some things that I love about this car are the leather “hood” straps, the low-profile grill, and the C-cab shape itself. Being that it’s based off an old VW, it’s a manual with a 1.8L Flat four in the back. Despite all of Barris’ best efforts to piss me off, I can’t help but come away loving the look of this buggy.