1977 Chevy Blazer Chalet


Hot on the heels of Trevor’s post: 10 Weird Projects That General Motors Actually Did¬†comes another (although much smaller scale) weird project GM actually (sort of) did. Okay, well, maybe GM didn’t have a whole lot to do with it but whatever.

The Blazer Chalet and GMC Casa Grande (not sure why they went Swiss on one and Spanish on another) were offered as dealer options for the Blazer and Jimmy in 1976 and 77. They featured a semi-removable pop up camper shell installed by company called Chinook Mobilodge in Washinton State. If the camper on the Chalet looks familiar to you, you might have seen a Toyota Chinook before- they were converted by the same company and are a pretty similar concept.

I’d much rather have a Chalet than the Toyota though. This thing seems like a hell of a camping vehicle to me. It looks like it ought to get you pretty much any place you wanted to go in comfort and style. Yes, I said style. Isn’t there just something hilariously charming about those double tail lights, or is it just me?

I’d drive one. I probably wouldn’t live in it, but I’d definitely drive it.


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