1980 Chevrolet C30 Military Pickup Truck

Get this, long before Tesla’s were rolling down the assembly line that very same facility was cranking out Chevy trucks.. This particular 1980 C30 was also produced there, for the US government. There are some interesting things about it though I’m not sure which modifications were added after the government took possession.

The VIN breaks down as follows:

C – Chevy
K – Four Wheel Drive
M – LT9 – 350 4 Barrel
3 – 30 Series
4 – Four Door Cab
A – Made In 1980
Z – Made in Fremont California

It clearly started life as a four wheel drive truck in 1980, however between then and now (2013) that has been nixed. This was a rugged rear wheel drive truck by the time I got to it.. and apparently everyone else that picked it over at the junkyard.

There are all sorts of ports and connectors throughout from equipment long since removed. The most interesting thing though is a list written on its roof. Sometime before that Nascar sticker cluttered up the back window someone had been keeping track of every country and major destination that it had been to. Before I was even born this thing had seen more of the world than I probably ever will. And there it sits: stripped, done, all used up, over. It’s probably a square cube by now and all of those worldly memories and moments will be lost in time.. like tears in rain.