1982 Ford Granada Wagon

I spotted this car a few weeks ago during a trip to San Francisco. I didn’t think much of it, just another old Ford wagon from the 80’s. I completely forgot that I had taken the picture until recently when I was sorting through them all. After spending a bit more time researching than I expected I finally figured out what I was looking at.

This is the 1982 Ford Granada wagon and, as I have learned, there are a handful of interesting things to note about this car. For one, it was only made for a single year. It’s part of the second generation of the Ford Granada, which only saw two production years before being tweaked with a new front end and sold as the LTD. The first year had only coupe or sedan options, the wagon came about for the final year.

1982 was also a test year for Ford, and they used the unpopular Granada as its victim. The test was to gauge public response to bringing back the blue oval logo on exterior of their vehicles (the first time since the Great Depression). Which is clearly visible on upper portion of the grill. Although the owner of this particular car decided that wasn’t enough and added a couple stickers on their own.

Strangely enough this car was another first for Ford, it was the first car to offer the 3.8 V6 Essex engine.. which makes it even more clear as to why you never see these things on the road.

Aside from the Wal-Mart hubcaps and stickers it was pretty nice to see an old boring car just being an old boring car and not super modified.