1984 Cadillac Deville Flower Car (El Camino)

On the trip back from the SEMA show we spotted this 1984 Cadillac Deville Flower Car at a dealership in Wickenburg. The place seemed to be closed down for the day so any and all questions went unanswered. A quick search of the VIN shows that this car started out life in early 1984, as a 1984 Coupe Deville. It was equipped with a somewhat useless 4.1 V8, which I’m sure scooted a full bed of flowers along just fine.

It was a very clean car with a pleasantly soft and comfortable interior, no leather or bolstered bullshit like everything on the road now. Not every car has to be a sports car, for some reason this is a lost concept?

Now here is the curious part..  the car has a rear license plate/reverse light setup from a 1996 era Deville but a pre 1990 face..  and with no gas doors plus a functioning tailgate, how do you fill the gas tank?