1986 Ferrari Testarossa Spider

First off I must apologize for not dragging my camera along with me, I was only able to click off a couple cell phone shots.

If you know anything about these convertible Ferrari’s than you know that there was officially only one Spider.  With that kind of exclusivity I’m sure the official car is stored away in a European museum somewhere for no one to see or drive.  Which leads me to believe that this car must have been a conversion, likely from an independent coachbuiler, possibly Pininfarina (known best for setting the automotive world on fire with the game changing Cadillac Allante).

I hate to see a classic altered in any way but the front hood mounted brake cooling system is both modest and tasteful so it gets a pass.  Whatever it takes to get this bad boy stopped on those toasty Phoenix summer days is fine by me.

It sped off with yellow lightning acceleration before I could take any more more pictures.  Hopefully I can snap some better (cleaner) shots at the next Cars and Coffee out in Scottsdale.

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6 thoughts on “1986 Ferrari Testarossa Spider

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  2. lol …this is exactly a c4 corvette … just ran a google image search to see if anyone else has the same kit as me…i have one with the same door panels … the rest of the kit is not the same though…

  3. I have a 1988 Corvette with the Testarossa body kit, custom chameleon paint. Has carbon fiber interior and top to match exterior paint. Supercharged with lots of extras. Car is for sale. Contact me for details.

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