1987-89 Buick Lesabre T-Type

I’ve spent a few years trying to spot one of these things to no avail.. and wouldn’t you know it, I spotted two in the same week! The first was a completely thrashed black car in Phoenix, this was the second (on the other side of the country). As you can see it’s in excellent condition.

The standard Lesabre coupes aren’t exactly what I would call ugly but the simple aesthetic changes on the T-Types put them over the top. I mean, sure they are front wheel drive, and they kind of lie to you about the (non) turbo situation but they are still pretty cool. It’s pretty amazing that whenever there is a model stripped of all the chrome bullshit it miraculously looks better. Yet American car companies still don’t seem to get it (for the most part).

Unfortunately the parking arrangement was a bit odd so I couldn’t get the best shots.