1988 Enterra Vipre Kit Car

Canada is famous for a number of great things including hockey, maple syrup, and Jim Carrey. Unfortunately, building cars is not one of their strong suits. Take the Enterra Vipre for example: it was essentially a factory-built kit car that was based on the Pontiac Fiero GT and was sold through Pontiac dealerships.

While the car was clad in different body panels that gave it the classic 80s “wedge shape,” underneath it had the same suspension, chassis, and drivetrain as the Fiero. It also sported taillights from a first-generation Chevrolet Cavalier. Small wonder that just 36 cars were built before the company closed up shop!

My first encounter with the Enterra happened at a local car show in 2006. After perusing row after row of hot rods and muscle cars, something different caught my eye. From a distance, it could have been a Corvette or a third-gen Camaro with a body kit. Once I got closer, I realized it was a project that was pretty rough around the edges – and as I was about to find out, so was the car’s owner.

My friends and I approached the guy and asked him a couple of questions about the car. Having never seen or heard of an Enterra before, I took a couple of pictures of the car with my digital camera. The owner seemed nice enough and even opened up the engine cover to show us the mighty 2.8L V6.

Just as we were leaving, he stopped us and gave us each a burned DVD of the movie Loose Change, a conspiracy theory movie about the September 11th terrorist attacks. He asked us to please watch them and to make copies and give them to our friends. I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories and in people who you just met in a parking lot telling you that they know the real truth, but being a nice guy I thanked him for the movie and left.

Curious to learn more about the car, I registered as a member of The Car Lounge at VWVortex.com, which at the time was one of the 10 largest car forums on the Internet. I was hoping someone on there could help identify the car or provide some more information about it.

My very first post included two photos and a polite request for any information about the car. The snarky members of The Car Lounge thought I was trolling on their forum, as if everyone already knew about some obscure kit car from Canada with less than 40 models produced. A couple of good-hearted members came to my defense and realized I was legitimately asking for help in identifying an unusual car, but it was all in vain.

Someone replied with a link to an online classified ad where the car was for sale for $15,000 dollars, a very high price for a Fiero with some fiberglass body panels. Someone else posted the phone number from the ad, and still someone else called the seller and was messing with him.

It wasn’t long before I received an email in all caps that said something like “WHY DID YOU POST A PICTURE OF ME AND MY CAR ON THE INTERNET? YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO DO THIS AND THE PHOTOS MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY.” Although I had no idea any of this would happen and no control over it, the car’s owner was blaming me!

In this case, I’m not sure which of the two things was less credible: the Pontiac Fiero masquerading as a $15,000 exotic sports car or its conspiracy-theory owner. Either way, the two were a perfect match for each other.

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21 thoughts on “1988 Enterra Vipre Kit Car

  1. The car on the picture is mine, I spent two years chasing this car in court in Phoenix from the idiot I bought it from who tried to keep the car and the money. His name is Jason *******, if you live in Phoenix you will seen the idiot being arrested several times protesting the red light camera on the main street.

    If anyone sees him selling anything on the internet or otherwise stay away from him as he is a crook like not other. He had to be charged with fraud by the Phoenix police before i could finally get a hold of the car that I paid for.

    The car is back in Canada finally and it is not for sale but will be going through a full restoration in the future.

    • It’s good to hear the car is being restored and that’s a pretty interesting story to go with it. Please send pics to editor@generationhighoutput.com so we can see the car as she sits now, or when you finish the restoration. We’d be happy to do another piece on it.

  2. It too bad you don’t see the whole picture. 36 to 38 cars ever built are very rare. 15,000 for a rough one is a deal since other really upgraded v8 models have sold for 325,000, 450,000, and 525,000. Granted the little v6 wasn’t very powerful but your estimation on what a built Fiero can do is ludicrous and very niaevely biased. Thanks for bashing what can be compared the closest to a Ferari, Lamborgini, etc that was basically a USA produced car. My Enterra will stomp anything you will ever own hands down on any type of track.

  3. By the way if it is one of the two cars built in California on an 88 chassis it is even more rare and an impossible find today. Mine is being upgraded to a formula 88 so it will be one of three and the only one to have a northstar upgraded motor wich will easily redline at 8500rpm. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  4. I’ve actually owned a Fiero. It was an 1985 Fiero 2M6 and although it had the more “desirable” V6 and a manual transaxle, it was still nothing worth ever mentioning on here. We all know the basics of combining a short wheel base, with a lightweight chassis and mid-engine design builds a car that is naturally fun to drive.

    I’m glad that you’re very proud of your special Fiero; the Enterra truly is a unique car on the road, aesthetically. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that a number of inexpensive cars would very easily beat the Fiero up and take it’s milk money on a track. To name a few: The C4 Corvette, the FC RX-7, MX-5 Miata, and the Toyota MR2. I could go on. Honestly, I think my 1996 3/4 ton truck with a 305 and an automatic delivers a more rewarding driving experience.

    The problem with the Fiero is that it was a great idea but suffered from being made from a lot of the same parts as every other 1980’s General Motors shitbox. It shares a platform that is more commonly associated with crappy FWD Isuzu and Geo cars, it’s powered by two of GM’s lowliest of OHV engines (It should have gotten the Oldsmobile Quad-4 as it’s sole power plant starting in 1987), and short of the 1988 with it’s “Pontiac-designed” copycat Lotus suspension, it wasn’t anything special in the handling department either.

    I’d like to see the source of your information that claims that Fiero’s with body kits have been selling for six-figure sums. I’m sure all the fake Ferrari and Lamborghini-bodied Fiero owners would love to liquidate their faux-supercars in exchange for a real one by simply selling it.

    As far as “…bashing what can be compared the closest to a Ferari [sic], Lamborgini [sic], etc that was basically a USA produced car.” I think you’re forgetting America’s most famous mid-engined car: The Corvette. It may be a front-midengine, but I assure you that from 1984 onward, it had absolutely no problem competing with actual supercars… instead of just looking like an awkward version of one.

    Enjoy your Fiero, and thanks for the comment David.

  5. Max: Let me start off by saying that any statements I make about the Enterra Vipre are simply my response to this clown who chimed in and we really do appreciate your input and I think it’s cool that you are restoring the car and were able to get it from the guy who owned it previously.

    David: I am going to address some of your points one a time.

    “…upgraded v8 models have sold for 325,000, 450,000, and 525,000.”

    Half a million dollars for a V8 Fiero with a body kit? I don’t think even crack would make a person think that was a realistic price. For fuck’s sake man, you could probably get a Vector W8 for that kind of money. You could build (or purchase) a full on race car of any type for that much, or for that matter you could probably call up someone at GM and bribe them into selling you the 1990 Fiero concept car. What an unrealistic figure. Show me where these kitted out Fieros are selling for that kind of money, and when I’m finished eating my own shit, I’m going to invest in some fiberglass materials and start up a body kit company.

    “Thanks for bashing what can be compared the closest to a Ferari, Lamborgini, etc that was basically a USA produced car.”

    Aside from the fact that you can’t be bothered to spell the names of the cars you regard so highly, (or use sarcasm effectively) there is something else wrong with your statement. It’s completely untrue and not based even the slightest bit on reality. A Fiero with a Canadian body kit is the closest thing to an American exotic supercar? Is this actually what you’re saying? Dude, I’m sorry, but fuck you. Have you ever heard of a Corvette? Viper? Ever read about Callaway, Saleen, Panoz, Shelby, Rossion, Hennesey, etc..? I’d wager that a Sledgehammer Corvette might be slightly more “super” than your car. Have you ever seen a Saleen S7? Come on man. SSC Ultimate Aero? The Vector I mentioned earlier? Give me a break. You’re out of your league here.

    “My Enterra will stomp anything you will ever own hands down on any type of track.”

    What a ridiculous and juvenile statement. Any type of track? You don’t know what any of us drive. Of course, I’m not childish enough to give you a 100% guarantee that all of our cars will kick your car’s ass. But I am reasonably sure they will. Are you an experienced racer? I’m assuming not, since no professional race car driver in their right mind would choose to drive a Fiero with a body kit. I can imagine that your car might go around corners reasonably well for what it is, but it is grossly underpowered and I have a strong feeling that you will have your ass handed to you by a pickup truck and a couple of old Lincolns if you happen to live in Phoenix and want to head to a track. Hell, I’ll even drag race you in my Jeep if that’s more your style.

    “Mine is being upgraded to a formula 88 so it will be one of three and the only one to have a northstar upgraded motor wich will easily redline at 8500rpm. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.”

    LOL. A Northstar? Please don’t tell me this is pussy shit.

    Dude, get real. There are so many better options than a Northstar. If you want to be Mr. v8 (which it seems like you’re trying to be) just drop a SBC in there and quit fucking around. Personally, I’d probably just go with an L67 but whatever makes you feel good I guess, even if it is 290hp v8 with no aftermarket support whatsoever.

    Thanks for playing, come back and try again some time. It was fun.

  6. Fuck you dick. One the fiero was castrated by Pontiac/ gm. If it were to come out in 89 it would have flown with the corvette. Gm didn’t want the competition. So fuck and your lousy opinion. They the Enterras have sold for as high as $525, 000.00. They handle better than the vette. You are an opinionated ass.

    • David. Let me respond to your “points” one at a time.

      You are calling me an ass while making opening statements like “Fuck you dick”? Who the fuck do you think you are? And you’re God damn right I’m opinionated. Last time I checked, this was our website, and we can say whatever the motherFUCK we want on here. Where’s your website with all of your opinions on it? Or are you just so lazy/ignorant/unmotivated that you have to come over here to mine and act like a little baby whenever someone says something negative about a car you have a little boner for?

      It would have “flown with the Corvette”? What are you talking about here? Unless they were secretly planning on putting an LT5 in it, you’re fucking out of your mind. We all know the prototype had an early version of the DOHC 3.4 that ended up in the Lumina Z34. It’s not a bad engine, but it certainly is no threat to an LT1 (or L98, for that matter). Also, how do you explain the Syclone/Typhoon? They were certainly competition for the Corvette at one point. Or the Turbo Trans Ams? GNX? You’re a fucking idiot.

      Show me where these Enterras have sold for half a million dollars. Please. Stop saying it and show me some proof.

      “They handle better than the Vette”. What a subjective and childish statement. Once again, I’d like you to come back with some proof that that body kit somehow improves the handling of the car that greatly.

      David, grow the fuck up.

  7. Max I said they sold for 350, 450, and 525 thousand. You statements a4e biased and sadly untrue. Go screw yourself.

  8. 2 they were never a kit car. This shows your ignorance. Pontiac had a special arrangement with Enterra. 38 were ever built. Your ignorance is just that…..ignorance.

  9. David, thank you for sharing with us and exposing massive case of butt hurt towards anyone that doesn’t like the exact model of car you drive. It makes my day to come on here and get a good laugh from a guy that thinks he drives God’s gift to the roadway. I hope you enjoy the hell out of it – honestly i do – but understand that your fanaticism is a bit misplaced to say the least. It’s just a Fiero with a body kit.

    • I think that I was alittle butt hurt and I will apologize for my rudeness. I was pretty tightly wound. You guys here are very opinionated however and need to check out what these cars can do. There is a guy here that runs in the 10s inthe quarter mile. His firero is set up for drag racing and has an LS motor thats built very strong. About 800 horse. These 2800 pound cars will really move with that kind of horse power. My engine with a 671 blower was slated to pull that kind of horse power but I was shooting for 600 to 650 untill I found out I may not be able to put the charger on it. Looks like I will have to dial it back to normal aspiration and settle for 420 to 430hp. Still the car should be about a 12 second car and top out about 180ish. This will be comparable with most newer vettes eexcept the big bad ass one. Check these numbers and see if they match up with real worl numbers. You also might want to look up some of V8 ARCHIES builds. Just saying you guys don’t seem to care much for a car that has huge potential and the Enterra Vipre just happens to be a fiberglass bodied car that was as good as the corvette in my opinion. It was not just a kit car body. But to each their own. The 88 car made huge differences in handling and the after market suspension modifications will put it up there with the newer vettes. Yes I am happy with my car and there are at most 38 others that have this body. Only 4 or 5 have the V8 upgrade but many Fieros are out there with great results. Check them out you might change your opinion if you ever saw what they can do. If you ever get so lucky as to take a ride in one do yourself a favor and take a ride.you might want to see the Vipre that V8 Archie is doing right now. And yes this car would give whatever you own a good run for your money. Call Archie and ask him yourself. And by the way you can build a Northstar up to 800bhp without having to do anything to the bottom end. Thanks for the entertainment.

      • We were all trading blows here, no harm. I will agree with you that there’s quite a few cool Fiero swaps (though I have to side with Mike that the L67 V6 is by far the most potent), and you’ll probably not find a site that appreciates the hard-lined aesthetics of 80s-90’s cars more than the four guys here. Honestly, I’d love to see your Enterra making 400hp and shaming many much lamer modern “performance” cars.

        Now let me go the other way and just say that money will make anything fast, and I’m sure there’s a quite a few engines that can take quite a beating horsepower-wise that didn’t come from the factory as real performers (the 4.6L 2v Modular Ford is the first engine that comes to mind for me) I’m well aware of V8 Archie and what most domestic V8 engines are capable of. It has nothing to do with not caring for a car that has what you happen to see as potential. Cars are a matter of taste, and the idea of an overwrought fiberglass body on a car that wasn’t the greatest performer of it’s time (no matter what the circumstances were behind it) doesn’t appeal to us. The second gen “Bandit” Firebird is a poor performer too and there’s not a fiberglass body in the world that isn’t going to make me like it more – even factoring in that there’s a lot more (and a lot faster) second generation F-bodies than there are Fieros and Enterras.

        David, I appreciate the reply, and don’t hesitate to disagree.

  10. I live in northern british columbia I have an 87 Enterra Viper red in colour with tan interior .. it has been garage kept for the last 25 years without being driven outside it has 18000 km . On it I have been trying to get more info on the car the internet has very little .. any comments good or bad are welcome this car is in showroom condition …thanks David Jellett Houston bc .

    • Almost all of the Enterras have vanished and most site taken down or dicontinued. Its sad really. Ive only seen mine On Pencocks Fiero Forum. I would not take these guys here to seriously as they are very biased and mosinformed. They think they all have the best of this or that. I owned a 500gt shelby Cobra that was one of the actual racing cars built for track use. I was 19. Sadly I didn’t know what I had and lost it. Best car to date I have ever owned and drove like I stole it. If you would like to talk Enterras supertraffic123@yahoo.com

  11. You know there are alot of good a negative things being said about the Enterras so my guess is tha Fiero’s are included in this discussion. I will grant you that as tgey came from the factory they were very lacking in motor. However you look at what these cars can do when upgraded you would be more impressed. Their are quarter milers that are doing 8’s. There are Chevy v8s that are doing above 500 hp. Tell me what a 2800 pound car will do with that. The frame and suspentiin was built by a Ferari person. Hmm. So even though I got butt hurt called names, said i was a liar, everything a few years ago was on the internet like the 3 auction cars. These were autions for the Cancer Society of some kind so not normally bought cars. Something most people don’t get is the rarity of the Enterras. Only 39 have ever been truely verified. You cant and never could buy this kit car body parts. They could only be sold through Pntiac. These are not a kit car as mouc as a rebodied car strictly for Pontiac Dealers. Fiero was shut down by gm becase they were finally coming out with a v8 in 89. GM shut them down. They didn’t want competition with tge Vette which in my opinion was very real. So all you people who think this was or is a kit car are full of shit. The body parts are more like a vette in many ways. Really it is a nicer car to drive than any vette i drove until about 1996. Then vette got its shit together and at least the 1996 i drove extensively is how I felt the vette should always driven like. And yeah they all had plenty of go by then too. Just what the Fieros needed all along. More grunt.

    • Dave – as it’s been four and a half years – and as the youngest guy on the operations s this website (and now in my 30s) time has definitely dulled my animosity towards this car and most cars in general.

      Sadly, it appears we are the top listing for this specific Fiero variation which likely makes this website the first option for anyone looking to find out more information.

      Perhaps you can channel your interest into forming a website devoted to this specific model, or if you would like I would be happy to provide you an option to publish your own article on this specific car or really anything Fiero related.

      Email me at editor@generationhighoutput.com if you are interested.


  12. Well that was entertainini have a great little Fiero. I even run a Fiero club. I have driven many exotics and spent almost half my life working on and restoring them. The Fiero has great potential as is. But that is it, potential. You have to dig it out and work it to get it.

    Yes GM forced it to be stopped because of the very serious threat to the Corvette. Like they did the Cycline/Typhon, Grand National and every other car in their divisions that became that good. That is why those cars were limited runs or only a few models were produced.

    In any event my car is bone stock and I’m keeping it that way. All too many are butchered. I like its quirkyness and little issues. I like the Vipre style just as I do the MERA. Both of which I am looking to buy. Both of which I will do for a combined price of less than $30k I believe.

    Just because the car was produced in small numbers in no way means it is worth 6 figure prices. I have a friend that has a one of 3 Doretti that he would love to sell for $35k. And it is in concourse condition.

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