Strange Things Are Afoot At Metrocenter – Aston Martin Virage

I was riding my bike around on a nice sunny Saturday in Phoenix, just minding my own business, when I came across this Aston Martin just hanging out in the Metrocenter parking lot. At first, I couldn’t figure out why such a car would be parked at what I would surely consider to be one of the top five shittiest places I know about.

Then I realized that this must have something to do with the Scottsdale International Auto Museum moving some of its cars there. I think it’s a ballsy move parking such a valuable and rare car in a place with a theft rate so high that people with Hummers actually don’t even bother going there.

I can’t think of a better example of a car being more than the sum of its parts than the Virage. The car sort of reminds reminds me of a better looking, slightly brachycephalic 240sx, if Nissan were to call in a bunch of favors from other car makers and use Audi headlights, Volkswagen Scirocco taillights, and a Chrysler transmission, before splattering the interior with equal parts GM, Jaguar, and Ford, which actually is what Aston Martin did with this car.

With the goal in mind of building the ultimate sporty luxury coupe, Aston Martin pretty much achieved full-on Jurassic Park status with the Virage. They really did spare no expense when in came to creature comforts with this car and it ended up being pretty heavy. Even with with an aluminum body, it still tipped the scales at more than 3,900 pounds. The motor made 330 hp, which if you ask me, was not really enough to make such a heavy car competitive with the LT1 Corvettes that were around at the time, and a ZR-1 just would have just made it look silly. Of course, faster variants of the Virage came later, but those were even more outrageously priced than this one was, and not many people bought them. Hell, they only sold 365 of the base model worldwide, so you can imagine how rare all of these cars are here.

I still think the Virage is a sweet car though. It has just the right amount of 90’s in it for how 80’s it is, and it was a real treat seeing one at a place that still has way too much 90’s in it for how 70’s it is.

Just make sure you’ve got got some decent insurance on that thing, guys. Forget the theft rate, you never know when you’re going to walk outside and find a football-helmeted Genghis Khan beating the shit out of your exotic luxury car with an aluminum baseball bat.

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