1989 Corsair Roadster Neoclassic Car

corsair-roadster-profileI am becoming quite the expert on Neoclassic cars, having written about the Spartan II, Archer, Excalibur, Zimmer, Gatsby, and the Classic Tiffany.

Today, I’m going to talk about another Neoclassic auto that I spotted at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2016 auction. This is a 1989 Corsair Roadster, and like most of these cars, it has a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

There isn’t a ton of history about Corsair, but I was able to piece together some bits from various sites advertising them for sale.

corsair-roadster-rearCorsair was the product of the “Roaring Twenties Motor Company” in San Diego, California. According to an article on ClassicCarsLib.com, the company produced a total of 31 turn-key cars and less than 150 vehicles sold as kits. The styling is similar to that of the Duesenberg Model J, with the elongated hood and large front fenders sweeping down to full length running boards. The exhaust pipes are not unlike those on the supercharged Duesenberg SJ model.

But of course, this car is not actually from the 1920s. It is built on a stretched Ford Thunderbird frame and powered by a Ford 460 cid big block V8 under the hood! An automatic transmission and Classic Instruments gauges add driver comfort, while the Mitsubishi AM/FM/Cassette radio is a bit of an oddity.

corsair-roadster-interiorThe car does have several mechanical upgrades including power disc brakes, a larger radiator with electric fan, air conditioning, and a powered driver’s seat. The body includes many period-correct artifacts such as a flying lady hood ornament, whitewall tires, twin trumpet horns, and a pair of large bullet-styled headlamps. A full-size spare wheel is included on the trunk, mounted in the “Continental Kit” style.

This car sold at auction for $29,700. I cannot say whether that is a fair price, as there just aren’t enough of these out there to know where the market is at. But if you want to see something a bit old and different from the usual guys at the car show, this Corsair will definitely stand out from the crowd!