1990 Ford Bronco Too (Craigslist)

Stay tuned, we are going to be incorporating odd Craigslist finds into our normal flow of posts. I spotted this odd truck while browsing the cheapos.

That super short wheelbase must make for an interesting time and for only $850 it seems like there is fun to be had, I’ll bet it spins em pretty good.

“It was a long bed till about 5 years ago when I cut the roof off of the cab and also shortened the wheelbase (down to 92 inches) and made it a flat bed. To shorten it I simply drilled out the rivets attaching the suspension mounts to the frame and then moved the whole rear suspension assembly forward a couple feet. The brackets were then re bolted to the frame using high strength bolts and the driveshaft was shortened by professionals. 

The engine is a 5 liter V8 while the transition is an automatic with overdrive. It’s 2 wheel drive, low miles (123,700), and the tires are in ok shape. New battery. Clean AZ title.

What’s wrong with it… 

The windshield has a crack that runs all the way across the bottom. It doesn’t obstruct the view so I never bothered replacing it. 

Engine leaks oil. I think it’s coming from the back of the oil pan where it looks like the gasket is ripped. It’s not a terrible leak but will make a mess of your driveway if you don’t put a pan under it. 

Leaks antifreeze. This problem just started two days ago. I can’t quite tell where the leak is coming from but I think either the water pump gasket gave out or one of the hoses sprung a leak. You could probably get away with driving it home but this issue would have to be addresses soon. 

Lastly, having so little weight over the back tires makes it pretty easy to get them spinning and sliding. This can make it kind of fun to drive but also kind of dangerous especially if the road is wet. It also doesn’t take much for the anti-lock breaking mechanism to kick in which can add a lot to the stopping distance. 

It’s not the safest or most practical vehicle but it for the right person it can be a lot of fun to drive. 

Sold AS IS.”