1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse

It takes somebody with a love of cars and a bit of a sense of humor to drive a hearse as a daily driver, and judging by the skeleton hanging in from the rear view mirror and the obscene amount of car magazines in the back, Don, the owner of the Fleetwood you see here, certainly appears to have both.

I caught up with Don as he was getting ready to leave the gas station and he was enough of a good sport to stand in the rain with me and give me a little background on his car while I snapped some pictures of it.

This car spent the first sixteen years of its life at a funeral home in Detroit, where it managed to rack up only 60,000 miles. Then, about two years ago, the Cadillac made its way to Dewey, AZ, which is where Don purchased it. He has since put about 30,000 miles on the car, a testament to his enthusiasm for it.

He usually drives around with the casket in place in the rear, Don told me, but he took it out for a trip to a rummage sale up in Cottonwood, which is where he got all of the magazines. I would have liked to have seen the casket, but there’s nothing wrong with a bunch of car magazines either…

generationhighoutput-hearse-back-farBesides the obvious addition of a set of 20″ wheels, the hearse also has a sweet sounding Flowmaster exhaust system on it, which I was able to get a short video clip of as Don was leaving. That LT1 really sounds good, and the car looks nice and ominous as it pulls away, especially on such an unusually rainy night.

Check out all the rest of the pictures from my brush with death below:

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