1996 Nissan 240SX with Chevy LS V8 Swap

nissan-240sx-ls2-swap-rearIn the world of motorsports, the Nissan 240SX is the poster child of drifting. These cars are often modified to slide sideways and generate as much tire smoke as possible – a juvenile use of a car when compared to precision automotive events like autocross, drag racing, and rally racing.

This car, however, is not guilty by association. It is tasteful in appearance, with nary an anodized tow hook or band-aid sticker to be seen. This is not some teenager’s ironic drift machine – this is a serious street car that competed in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge in Las Vegas in 2014.

nissan-240sx-ls2-swap-engineWhereas most 240SX’s come with a 150hp 4-cylinder motor, this one has been swapped out for a Chevrolet LSx V8 engine! I’m not sure exactly which engine it has – the GTO engine covers would indicate a 6.0L LS2, but an article I found on HotRod.com said this car has an LS1 engine.

If it is an LS2 motor, a bone-stock engine would be right around 400 horsepower – and this one is clearly not stock. I could see an LSX intake manifold, FAST 102mm throttle body, and AFR heads tucked into the engine bay alongside a Koyorad radiator. I’m guessing it also has some other goodies that I could not see.

nissan-240sx-ls2-swap-interiorThe interior was equally tasteful, maintaining a mostly stock appearance. The car belongs to Randall Farliss of Coffee County, Tennessee. Farliss placed 40th out of 92 cars in the 2014 Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge.

This is one street machine with some real power to back it up! Well done.