1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Wagon (Colony Park)

1999_mercury_grand_marquis_colony_park_wagon-taurus-rearWe’ve all seen ‘photoshopped’ wagons that never existed and if you lurk the crownvic.net forums hard enough you might even find a real life aero body with a 2nd generation Taurus hatch bolted on.

1999_mercury_grand_marquis_colony_park_wagon (9)Well, let us rejoice, there is a new Taurus/Crown Victoria freak show on the (auction) block, only this one wears a third generation Taurus (he claims Sable) on its back and the badge of a god on its grill.  This is the last generation of Colony Park that never was.

This car was built from a almost new 900 mile victim of a rear end collision. The owner/builder was an Industrial Arts teacher and has rebuilt 150 victims in his spare time.   .  He did them all in a professional safe manner.  He’s sectioning a 1940 LaSalle convertible at the moment, where as most people might be sitting back with their feet up watching TV.   The wagon was made by using a Sable roof and hatch, was well thought out before the first cut was made.  The missing trim on right quarter panel is in the car and glues on.   The only known rust is on right front fender.  See all of the pictures.  The car/wagon also comes with the original set of aluminum wheels with good rubber as well as the wheels you see in the photos.  A new battery will be installed for the new owner.  Here is your chance to own a unusual custom car at the right price and enjoy for at least 100,000 more miles.  It’s amazing how many people spot it, knowing that Mercury didn’t make a wagon in 1999.   You’ll never see another one like this !!! Take it to Cruise Night’s, car shows or drive the crap out of it.  The interior behind the back seat is not upholstered, deep floor, throw tools back there, use it as a truck and still carry 5 passengers, cheaper to operate than a truck.  The spare tire stands upright in the quarter panel area.  The car comes with a clear title, it never had a salvage title.    The car/wagon is smoke free.  The owner/builder is thinning his herd.

The car can be seen in Victor, NY  about 5 miles from the nearest Thruway exit.   Call 585-XXX-XXXX ask for Howard for directions and any questions.  Don’t let this one get away.    Prefer face to face cash, no hokey pokey.  No schemes or scams please.  Thanks.

Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262203128667
VIN: 2MEFM75W6XX665693