2 Slow, 2 Shitty

I really don’t even need to say anything about this car. It’s a pretty typical ricer. I’ll break down the features that really make this car what it is:

  • Shopping cart handle
This is useful when the car breaks down and needs to be pushed by giants to the Fry’s electronics parking lot and abandoned.
  • White rims
They can make any car look like a toy! It’s so cute!

  • Clear Taillights

The only conclusion I can draw on the clear taillights thing is that they help the car look like shit, which is what the owner is going for.

  • Vinyl Graphics

The graphics are there to announce to the whole world “My Mom was careless and dropped me on my head, right onto the tile in the kitchen when I was a baby!”

  • “Sponsor” Stickers

Alerts other drivers to the presence of the nearby retard.

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