2-year Anniversary

It was only two years prior to today that this website was just a pipe dream during a telephone conversation with my friend Mike Ross on my lunch break at work. After getting our mutual friends Bryan Lusk and Trevor Freeman on board, everything seemed to fall together so easily. With how quickly the website picked up momentum I figured that nothing would stop us from being the go-to website for people in Arizona that are interested in cars.

Realistically, I have to say that my goals haven’t been met yet. I’m proud of the plethora of information and pictures of rare and unusual cars that can be found within the walls of our websites domain. We will keep pushing to deliver you the best that can be found about Arizona and southwest-exclusive car content. I hope that one day, this archive of specs, stats, shots (and potshots) will be a busy place full of interaction amongst car-minded people.

Until then, here’s some moments to remember the past year of Generation: High Output!


Meeting R Lee Ermey at SEMA

Mike Ryan’s Truck parked outside a hotel in Las Vegas.

Everyone suffering from SEMA madness.

Fiddling around with a flower car found on the side of the road on our way home from Vegas.

Getting into the Big Tent at Barrett-Jackson while they load the cars. It’s one of the many benefits of being a member of the press.

Spotting the beautiful cars that represent everything Generation: High Output is all about, like this ZR-1 Corvette at Barrett-Jackson.

And most recently, showing off a little Arizona pride at the cruise on central.


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