2003 Toyota Tundra Terminator 3 Edition

I didn’t think this was real at first- Wikipedia doesn’t even mention it in their entry for the Tundra, but after some digging around I did find a couple facts about this truck.

Most sources I’ve found say that 850 “T3” Tundras were produced, with 250 going to Canada and the other 600 being sold here. Supposedly, they were only officially offered in black although I did find a guy on a forum swearing he has a factory green one. The truck is pretty much a normal Tundra except it’s got special wheels, all the chrome and aluminum (except for the special wheels) is black, it comes with factory dual exhaust (which actually sounded pretty good), its got some special leather seats and that’s pretty much it. It’s nothing really nothing all that special, other than it’s limited production. I don’t see why Toyota didn’t do it right an at least offer that supercharger they are so proud of as an option or something. It wouldn’t be a bad looking truck if it just didn’t any of those decals on it. Ok, let me rephrase that: compared to the new Tundra, It wouldn’t be a bad looking truck without the decals. There, I’m glad I cleared that up.

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Okay, my head hurts, never mind.

8 thoughts on “2003 Toyota Tundra Terminator 3 Edition

  1. I have a 2003 T3 Toyota Tundra – live in Timmins, Ontario, Canada – just to clarify, there were only 200 of this edition available in Canada – mine is all black – the most dramatic accessories are the T3 grill, all black trim and flare package, wheels and the Borla, stainless steel exhaust. The truck is fast and sounds great. The Canadian Editions are 4 wheel drive. The trucks have a placque on the dash that says “T3 Special Edition Only 200 Produced” You are correct that the T3 is not all that different from the Tundra, is it just fun to own a vehicle that only 200 were made and of course, that was created from the Terminator 3 movie. I also drive a Z4 BMW roadster that has a lot more bells and whisltes but the T3 is a great 4×4 and fun to drive!

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  3. I just saw a dark green T3 special edition Tundra today in Durham North Carolina. It had the black grille with the T3 badge as well as the text on the sides of the bed. It also had a cap on the bed that was the same exact color as the rest of the truck. I don’t know if that was a factory option or if the owner put it on and had it painted to match.

  4. I have had my T3 for 12 years. I have drove it everywhere. l just got hit Tuesday. For the age and milage 160k it probably won’t bring much. I want to fix it but I guess decals and rear axle may be hard to find. Can anyone help.

  5. I have a t3 it’s black 2 wd need to sell wish I didn’t have to. I love the truck gets lots of attention. Fun to drive.

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