2016 Lincoln Continental Production Version Spy Shots

2016-Lincoln-Continental-Production-Version-SideI could have gone over the top with a Luby’s trim level of this car but decided to go with the safer bet Bing Cruiser.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Lincoln.  In fact, I drive a Lincoln.  But let’s face it, they have a long way to go to shed the geezer image, if that’s what they are even planning to do?

They need to pick something and go with it, the new “Quiet Luxury” thing seems like a good direction and also a good way to back out of fighting with Cadillac and Mercedes.  Not everyone wants bolstered seats, super tight steering, and the lowest Nurburgring times.

Give me a 400+ HP V8, a bench seat, RWD, a column shifter, and a smooth ride.  My city is built on a grid and our national highways are pretty damned straight so forget about the cornering nonsense and stiff suspension.  Basically, build me a Town Car with a modern engine and a plush interior.


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One thought on “2016 Lincoln Continental Production Version Spy Shots

  1. Couldn’t agree more about a smooth ride. The “red carpet” ride of my 1967 AMC Ambassador was far better than my 1979 Town Car which was better than my 2010 Continental. Safety be damned. Why can’t we get a soft ride again?? I’m thinking marshmallow tires.

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