A minivan by any other name…


I just barely caught a glimpse of this on my way home the other day. If I wasn’t a fan of Caddy’s (and I’m not just talking post-CTS fanboyism) I might have just overlooked this bad boy. I mean, Cadillac is guilty of some pretty awful badge engineering, like the Cimarron, or even the Catera to an extent… so your average car enthusiast would probably never notice the time that went into bringing this monstrosity to life.

I have to apologize for the poor quality of these pictures, but when they noticed I was taking pictures of this abomination, they began to drive erratically. As you can see, they converted a regular old snout-faced Chevrolet Uplander into an unnamed Cadillac minivan. They went for the gold in this conversion, literally, as you can see by the badges and lettering. Even the wheels appear to be off of a Caddy. I have to say that I’m impressed with how well they did putting the lettering on, it’s too bad that they didn’t come up with a clever name to go along with it. The DTS being the Deville Touring Sedan, The STS being the Seville Touring Sedan, and I assume the CTS to be the Catera Touring Sedan. Maybe this could be the WTF, short for Wagonette Touring Freighter… or maybe What The Fuck were they thinking when they made this piece of shit?