A Peek of What’s to Come


As you already know, your editors at Generation: High Output are headed to SEMA to give you a look at all the new and awesome (or horribly tasteless) things that will be taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year.

I’d like to take a moment to let you in on a little secret that everyone might know as well. We’re not a big operation here and everything is funded out of pocket. We don’t make any money writing here at the moment, so we fund it with what most people would call “day jobs”. In my day job I happen to be a Operations Engineer for two hotels. It lets me work with tools even when I’m not working on a car and it gives me unique opportunities for the website. I can bring you some very cool Driven articles thanks to the fact that I work at and live in close proximity to quite a few hotels.

By sheer luck some of the cars headed in a caravan up to SEMA happened to make a stop for the night at one of the hotels I work at and I got an opportunity to take pictures and talk with some of the car owners (most notably some very informative El Camino builders). They will be arriving at SEMA the same night we will, so it pleases me to be able to offer you these pictures of some cars that will be there. Enjoy them and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer when in SEMA as well!