A (Mostly) Pictorial Guide To Auto Auctions


I was really at the auction to see what my old Crown Vic, which I sold about a year and  a half ago and then learned it had been abandoned by the new owners, was going to sell for at the auction. (That whole saga is going to be chronicled in a future article.)

This was the second auction I had ever been to, and the first where I wasn’t peaking over a fence to watch it, but I would imagine that my experience there was probably pretty typical of what you should expect to see at any auto auction you go to.

Should you decide to go to a car auction and are wondering what to expect, here is a list of my random thoughts from that morning, followed by some pictures I took. I hope you find it educational, or something.

  • 7AM
  • Hot
  • Free water bottles,we think, there’s a cooler of water bottles and they don’t say anything to you if you walk up to it and start taking them
  • $750 GTP (running, seriously, meanwhile 80’s imports are going for like $1,500+)
  • A Grand Marquis and a Deville that nobody even bothered to bid on and never sold
  • Weird canopy truck
  • Interesting headlight repair
  • $150 for a complete motorcycle
  • What’s in the case?
  • An SNES
  • Clapped-out Accords and Corollas getting all the big bucks while American stuff is totally ignored
  • XJS!
  • Bullet holes
  • 2000’s era Crown Vics for $1,300 all day long
  • Those portable jump starting things seem to last forever
  • CD Players
  • CD Players
  • CD Players
  • Mostly just a bunch of boring bullshit
  • Very much looking forward to a shower afterwards
  • Faux ostrich skin sub box with double lighted flames
  • That poor Impala SS
  • The exhaust from that canopy truck blowing right into my mouth no matter where I stood
  • Nobody here knows what the fuck an MG is
  • Balls Deep

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