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SEMA 2015: Hedman 1972 K-20

Prepared to be amazed in my pedestrian tastes in automobiles. After being bombarded with over the top customs one after another, it’s a nice change of pace to see a beautifully restored Chevy work truck. Originally used as a work truck for Hedman Headers, this truck now sports some smart and simple changes such as a 300hp 350 cubic inch Chevy 350. No fuel injection or computer controlled nonsense here, this workhorse engine is mated to a 700r4 automatic 4 speed, giving this truck a much needed over drive. There’s not really much else to say here other than its a beautiful truck that’s shamefully not getting a lot of attention next to all the rest mod cars that occupy 90% of the floor space. Please see the picture detailing the trucks history for more interesting info about the history of the truck, Hedman headers and the Funfar family.







SEMA 2015: 1969 AMC Javelin

This is an interesting one because it’s a 69 with 1970 body panels. It’s also interesting because it happens to be one of a handful of actual race cars here at SEMA instead of some ludicrously adorned trailer queen. According to the info provided it has a 304 AMC V8 rated at 500hp that runs through a 4 speed manual. No fancy touchscreen dash or LS motor with ITBs or any huge wheels or anodized trim peices. Because of this it may be my favorite car here.



SEMA 2015: 272hp 1967 Ecotec Nova

At the Chevy booth this year we find something that I find unique and cool compared to so many ridiculous v8 protouring cars. This Nova is equipped with a LTG 2.0l ecotec 4 cylinder turbocharged motor. Making 272hp and 295 ft lbs of torque (at 3k rpm no less) running through a 6 speed transmission. 17″ wheels keep it understated and tasteful and a monochromatic none-more-black paint scheme gives it a sinister air. The only shame is that the msrp on this caddy-powered Nova is nine thousand dollars for the engine alone. Nothing that could keep you from finding a wrecked solstice or skyline and making a similar build a much lower buy in though.


SEMA 2015: Local Motors LM3D

Feast your eyes on Local Motors 3D printed car. According to their sales representative it is 75% 3D. It is powered by a motor that is apparently all electric and they expect to beĀ  crash tested by 2017. A lot of hype, but is there really any substance?


SEMA 2014: Chevrolet Super C10 by Chuck Mallett

Super c10 002At the Kooks booth I came across a real interesting specimen that despite it’s retro leanings, really stands out. I find this interesting for two reasons: The first being that we seem to be coming to the end of the current manufacturer’s retro styling craze; second being that I’m particularly jaded when it comes to this type of treatment, whether it’s old-to-new or new-to-old. Continue reading