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Twitter@CameronGENHO. Never owned an import. I'll try to operate anything that makes loud noises. I like them big and/or boxy.

BJA 2015: 1967 Ford Ranchero

DSCF3319 (Copy)Now this is a gorgeous example of what could be a great daily driver vehicle. Grabber blue paint, tastefully sized wheels (albeit still a tad large for my tastes at 18″) and an engine upgrade that does this vehicle a favor, substituting the likely 289 powerplant for a 5.0L and stick shift 5 speed. All of this attention to detail and this car went for $17,000 –  a real bargain price as compared to some items here at the auction. I hope you enjoy stacked headlights just as much as I do.

Back again to SEMA

So as you can tell by the SEMA posts lately, it’s that time of year again. Giving you some highlights from last year hopefully has you in the mood to see the latest and greatest our automotive industry has to offer us this year. In approximately 9 hours we’ll be headed on the road to Vegas to catch the tail end of what’s essentially the greatest car show of the year – even if it’s only seen by industry insiders.

You see, this is what makes me so excited. To be able to share with you here in text form (or even more effectively on our youtube page) the experience of it. It’s one thing to give you the scoop on the show cars, the latest products or even some really neat tech… but more than that, I’d like for you to connect with what it’s like being there and experiencing the madness that is this week-long trade show.

There’s two of these motherfuckers.

I shit you not. There’s two of these things sitting in garages asking for princely sums of money. If you forgot (because I tend to post so infrequently) you can find the article HERE where I said you’d never see another of these again. Boy, was I wrong.

You can also find a bunch of old dudes disliking it’s striking similarity to their own 80’s Magnum PI mobiles right HERE. They’re probably bent out of shape because back in the day the Ferrari regularly got worked on by even the lowliest of small block chevy mills, like the crossfire 350 in this 1984 Corvette. I KID, I KID. But seriously, guys, yes the Stiletto is uglier than a Ferrari. Continue reading

High Belt Line: A Modern Atrocity

As of this post the average age of our staff is twenty-eight, with myself being the youngest. This fact may seem like it has little to do with car design, but from the perspective of someone who goes crazy over the right shapes, I hope it foreshadows the tone of my dissenting opinion against current car aesthetics.

I hate the high belt lines and short windows on today’s cars. Continue reading

2-year Anniversary

It was only two years prior to today that this website was just a pipe dream during a telephone conversation with my friend Mike Ross on my lunch break at work. After getting our mutual friends Bryan Lusk and Trevor Freeman on board, everything seemed to fall together so easily. With how quickly the website picked up momentum I figured that nothing would stop us from being the go-to website for people in Arizona that are interested in cars. Continue reading

Barrett-Jackson 2014: Something a Little Different

For those of you looking for some BJA Scottsdale action that isn’t more of the same pro-touring muscle cars: