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Barrett-Jackson 2014 Sneak Peek

Snapped these shots after picking my press pass a couple hours ago. Enjoy!

1983 Camaro Stiletto

I’ve always thought myself to be a bit of a third generation Camaro aficionado. This would be the 1982-92 run of cars that were the perfect combination of sport and style. What the first year models lacked in power, they made up for in good looks and great handling. Don’t believe me? Ask that car god you hipsters all pray to: Jeremy Clarkson.

By 1983, the Camaro came with the 190hp 305-cubic inch L69. It’s classic combination of a 4bbl carb, hot cam, a good set of heads, and a manual transmission brought the lowly, five-liter, Chevy mill out of malaise-era limbo. From then on, the Camaro just got more bad ass as each year passed.

1983 was also the year for this strange, Ferrari 308-looking, coach-bodied 3rd gen, called the Stiletto. As you can see from the craigslist ad (or click here for a screenshot) it’s obviously strange, different and well-kept. I don’t know if that translates to being rare in the sense of being valuable, but it certainly is something you’ll probably never see again. Strangely enough, I came across this simply searching for “camaro” under our local phoenix craigslist.

Although the previously mentioned 190hp L69 was the hottest engine at the time, I assume they chose to use the lesser 165hp LU5 crossfire because it looks cooler and was more “futuristic” in it’s time because of it’s dual throttle-body setup. I’m sure that eventually it will be an engine people remember fondly, but like other people approaching their thirties with a car-loving parent I was taught that “Crossfire” will always be synonymous with “Piece of Shit”.

At $25,000 they only want half as much as the 1LE that we saw the year before last at the Imperial Palace car museum. I’ll let you be the judge on whether that price is a bargain. Hopefully we cross paths with this ultra rare third gen at next year’s Barrett Jackson, which is just around the corner. Until then, enjoy the rest of these pictures from the craigslist ad.

SEMA 2013: Bubble-top Impala

I’m currently in the media center at the Las Vegas Convention Center right now. In front of me a dude with a pony-nub is editing a video of Geoff Tate of Queensryche. Behind me, some British dude talking about American health care. You think there’d be a lot more of the car stuff going on, but you’d be wrong. I’ve finally found salvation from the madness of plastic body kits (on both cars and women) that is the SEMA show.

So to spit in the eye of all the new and exciting bullshit that you’re going to hear about non-stop everywhere else, I’d like to focus first on this beautiful B-body. Everyone loves a fullsize, but this W-series Chevy big block that resides under this hood is the real show stopper. Gorgeous archaic design philosophy at work.

Remembering SEMA 2012

I find myself sitting here writing this nostalgia piece because right now is the one year anniversary of Generation: High Output’s first trip to Las Vegas and our first trip to SEMA. I’ve said it before and you may be able to see it in the goings on of the site: We’re a small operation. That night one year ago, we all piled into a car halfway through the show’s run late Halloween night (So I could take my daughter on her first Trick-or-treat outing) and hauled ass into the cold, dark desert in the hopes of enjoying the last two days there and getting a taste of what SEMA was all about. Continue reading

Bad Lightning

Take everything that makes yesterday’s Lightning so great, and modify it to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Easily removable stripes? Meet painted on ugly hot rod flames.

Tasteful wheels? How about body paint-matched Ebay specials with a huge goofy lip.

Stock badges and Red tail lamps? Meet the Lightning “R” and stock euro lenses.

I haven’t even mentioned the ugly body effects kit and dumb ass lip spoiler off the tailgate. This Lightning is even worse than the pictures I took of it.

Good Lightning

Tomorrow, it’s companion, the Bad Lightning, will be posted. For today at least, you get to view a beautiful example of Ford’s second-generation sport truck whose only automotive crime is a set of vinyl stripes that are a tad Chevy-esque in their design. Easy enough to remove though.

Take a look at the little details: The stock sportside non-lightning tail lamps, the tasteful wheels and the handsome stance. This truck is a great example of subtle modifications that don’t take away from the original design.