Custom 1957 Buick Century Caballero Wagon

If you saw my previous post about Buick Century Caballero Wagons, you may remember that they are pretty rare cars. Because they were only produced for two years, they will fetch quite a premium whenever you do see one for sale. You can imagine my excitement when I saw this one at Barrett-Jackson 2013.

There’s more to this ’57 Century Caballero than just low production numbers. This is an award winning custom build by OZ Kustoms in Oroville, California. They have nicknamed the car “Dorothy” after the main character from “The Wizard of OZ.”

When you compare this car with the stock Century Caballero Wagon from the previous post, you will notice some significant changes in the body work.

First, it’s got a chop top roof which has been lowered 2.5 inches. The high beltline of the doors and the turret-top windows give this car a bunker-like interior, much like the current generation of Chrysler 300s.

The rear quarter panels have been peaked and extended 7″ and the stock taillights swapped out with those of a ’56 Packard.

The big wagon gets low thanks to a full Air Ride suspension. Under the hood is a 364 cubic inch Buick Nailhead V8 with a trio of Stromberg 97 carburetors.

I think this is a really cool angle to take when building a car: customizing it the way you want but making it look subtle, as if it came that way from the factory. I like that this car isn’t primered, pinstriped, and rolling on red steel wheels. I like that the engine has not been swapped out for an LSx crate motor. The two tone paint job was absolutely flawless, and the engine had more chrome than a 5&Diner restaurant.

This car was featured on the cover of Rod and Kulture Magazine. It sold at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2013 for $71,500. As far as custom wagons go, it doesn’t get much cooler than this!