Barrett-Jackson 2017 (Scottsdale, AZ)

generation high output barrett jackson delorean

Sure, there’s a ton of car shows out here in the southwest, especially when the weather is nice, but where else are you going to see John Lennon’s Austin Princess Hearse parked across from Justin Bieber’s painfully millennial-ed out 458? The range of cars is just overwhelming.

While a lot of the shows around town are great there is one that simply never disappoints, and that is Barrett-Jackson. It’s just so massive that there is bound to be something for everyone whether you’re into cars or not. If not, I would recommend checking out the massage chair dealers in the big tent, they let us take a nice long demo in both models of chair.

It’s weird, while I’m there wandering around, I tend to forget that the point of the show is actually the auction block, and that most of the cars there are for sale. It’s insane how much money is changing hands over the course of the week, but what’s cool is that not all of the cars are super high dollar machines. There are actually some interesting things that can be had for normal people money too. One day I’d like to bid one something there, that would be such a rush.

Anyways, at this point, it’s such a well known event that there’s really not much else that needs to be said about the show itself. In the coming weeks, I will be posting features on specific cars that caught my interest, but for now here are some of my favorite shots that I took at Barrett-Jackson 2017 in Scottsdale.

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