Cadillac CTS-V Wagon


The Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon is a rare bird. This CTS-V Sport Wagon is more like a Bald Eagle. As powerful and dangerous an animal it may be – with it’s 556hp ZR-1-derived LSA drivetrain – it’s on the brink of becoming extinct. Wagons themselves have unfortunately found themselves almost phased out in favor of their wimpy cousins, the CUV. The utilitarian nature and appearance of them draws people towards more “stylish” vehicles (Compact Utility Vehicles) or before that, vehicles with a less traditional image (Minivans).

I think the shame is that this is the last rear-wheel-drive, American-branded wagon for sale here. Before this we also had the Charger/300-based Magnum wagon. Unfortunately Chrysler’s post-K-car management left this car more Mercedes and Renault than Chrysler. Big wagons were apart of the suburban landscape until the 1980’s when minivans (coincidentally popularized by Chrysler’s K-car based “Magic-vans”) became hugely popular. We should be glad that for now, we have this ostentatious, outrageous, and over-powered American vehicle tearing up the asphalt and providing 1.0g of grocery bag-spilling lateral acceleration.