Car Spotting in California

Having recently returned from a road trip to California, I was excited to see so many different types of vehicles along the way. California car spotters might see everything from high-end supercars to survivors and more. Here are some cool, noteworthy cars I saw:

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this old thing is a Pontiac Catalina. I gotta respect this guy for keeping it on the road, what with California’s strict emissions laws and all.

Rolls Royce Phantom on the 210 freeway in Irwindale with the famous Miller Brewery sign in the background.

This brand new McLaren MP4-12C was crusing along Interstate 5 in Los Angeles.

A Tesla Model S electric car. I saw a lot of these in California. Seriously, a LOT of them.

This Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster was turning some heads as it cruised past the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup yacht race in San Francisco.

A BMW 8 Series parked on the street in San Francisco.

I came across this cool 1950 Ford in Monterey, CA.

Here’s a Ford Thunderbird Elan. It’s not too often you see T-Birds from this era cruising around.

A Chevrolet Volt on the freeway. Like the Tesla, these things were everywhere in California.

This fellow was having a blast in his Morgan 3-wheeler on the freeway.

An old Lincoln Continental keeping it real with its blue license plate on the freeway just north of Los Angeles.

A classic Mustang convertible on I-10 in West Covina.