If we were to liberate Mesa the way we liberated France we could use this as a parade vehicle for handing out meth

lincoln town car mesa meth

Hurry before the wiring harness mysteriously loses its copper and the cats walk away.

Source: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/5747124012.html

Just Hop On The 101

While digging around the comment areas of various Facebook groups I have determined that the driver was likely not drunk, just trying to show off, with some of the other cars being ‘spotters’ and not civilian traffic. While it’s still incredibly dangerous it’s somewhat relieving to know that at least few precautions were taken. I’m not sure the benefit/risk ratio would have made it worth my while though.

The Death Of Visability And The Age Of Driving Blind

1985-mercury-sable-rearAll modern cars seem to be burdened with the task of keeping their occupants safe at all costs.  Which is a good thing, because all modern cars are impossible to see out of.  High beltlines create a claustrophobic sitting-in-a-bathtub feeling, and impossibly huge C-pillars bring visibility to near zero.  To me this is a chicken and egg situation.  Is it better to drive a tank with its hatch shut or actually see what you are doing? Continue reading

I don’t care if you care, I like GMT400 trucks.


Saw this leaving my dad’s house. My daily driver – which I affectionately refer to as the “Valkyrie” (only in my own head, because I’m not a tool) – is a 1996 C2500 2WD ex-cab light duty. 235hp 5.0L V8, 4L60-E, and 3.73:1 14 bolt SF rear. Lowered 3″/4″. I love the GMT400 and it’s bed-less platform mates. That being said, this is one of the best looking GMT400’s I’ve seen in a while and I’d trade trucks with the owner in a second. Yeah, I guess to the casual observer it’s nothing special, but to me that’s what makes it so special. It doesn’t have 24″ rims and some silly paint job. It’s just a nice looking, extremely low fullsize. Bask in it’s modest and subtle glory.

I don’t care if you care, I like Vipers.

Saw this on the way to work the other day. Then I saw another black on black vert with a lady driver. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera for that one. Not usually a big fan of mopar (or their fanbase), but I’ll always make an exception for a good looking Viper.