Classic Tiffany Is Remarkably Un-Classy

Are you a crazy old woman from England? Have you ever thought about making a coat out of dalmatian puppies? If so, we’ve got the perfect car for you!

What you are looking at is a Classic Tiffany, although it is often mistaken for an Excalibur or Clenet. This car began life as a seventh-gen Mercury Cougar and was transformed into this, um, interesting creation by Classic Motor Cars in Florida. It was not a kit car, but was coach built by CMC as a replica of a 1929 Mercedes-Benz SSK roadster.

classic-tiffany-kit-car-rearI have to say that I’m not of the fan of the “old style with new technology” philosophy. From the elongated front end to the huge front fenders, the proportions of this thing are just goofy. The lights, horns, and miles of chrome trim are gaudy enough to make Liberace blush.

Would you believe these cars actually sold for $50 to $60,000 dollars new?! At that price, it’s no wonder that Cruella had to make her own coats.