Corvette Grand Sport ZR-1

I have to admit that at first I believed this to be a 1996 Corvette Grand Sport with a Lotus-designed 32-valve LT5 swapped in place of the (comparably) timid LT4. Looking back over the pictures, it’s obvious that this is a ZR-1 painted to look like a Grand Sport.

The dead giveaway is that the ZR-1 wore the body style more associated with the later model C4s (namely the LT1 and LT4-powered models) before those cars existed, but never got rid of it’s externally-located Center High Mount Stop Lamp (Often abbreviated as CHMSL). The Grand Sport was a 1996-only model intended to send off the C4 Corvette on high note. By this point in time the serious performance models (the ZR-1 and B2K) had been liquidated because at the time many buyers believed that the 300hp LT1 was really all anyone really needed, and was made available at a much more affordable price and with the same stylish body treatment.

The one question I find myself asking is whether this car was painted like a GS because the owner liked the racy mid-90’s paint scheme or is this supposed to be some kind of high-profile sleeper? There is a 75hp difference between the two models with favor going to the ZR-1 with it’s 16 extra valves and three additional camshafts compared to the “traditional” OHV design of the LT4.


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