Driven: 1990’s Isuzu Impulse Wagon

There must be some sort of odd subconscious check list in my head that decides whether or not I like a car, would I drive it, and why. Somehow this thing passes the test. Although it’s nowhere near as pleasing to the eye as the first generation Impulse, this second gen wagonback still satisfies.

It’s the prettier, fancier, and lesser known cousin of the Geo Storm (obviously, just look at the thing). Clearly it’s the better looking car but you see the Storm never offered all wheel drive, a turbo, or a “Lotus tuned suspension” like these did. Unfortunately this wagon version of the car never had the optional turbo motor (with all of its 160 hp) and I say unfortunately because stock turbo cars from around the 80’s are always interesting.

Also, these things had a passive rear wheel steering system, as the suspension moved up or down the toe of the wheel was changed. Pretty neat.

I’m glad to see it still in regular use and not beat to shit or with the stock muffler hacked off.. Still keeping an eye out for a first gen though.