Electric Probe

No, I’m not talking about some kind of Psych 101 Stanley Milgram type shit. I’m talking clean commuting here, and this home-converted electric car is the real deal.

No more greenhouse gasses, no more reliance on foreign oil, no rotten-egg smelling propane, no Hindenburg-esque “Oh, the humanity” hydrogen situations to worry about, no more coal power plants bellowing soot directly into the the ocean, no more landfills full of buried harmful chemicals, okay, well maybe you can’t have it all. But hey, at least it’s a start.

I caught this guy cruising down 7th street the other day. At first, I was just happy to see a first-gen Probe because they always remind me of Back to the Future II. But then I noticed how nice the wheels looked on it. It was probably a good half mile before I saw the huge lightning bolt with the word “electric” written on the side of the car, at which point I grabbed my camera.

I’m not sure what it is about Probe owners having this compulsive need to put over-the-top graphics on their cars, but out of the two Probes I’ve written about recently, both of them have had super-recognizable graphics. Since I now know how intense and borderline fanboy-ish Probe owners can be, (they do have a little Mazda in their blood, after all) and how they seem to love overlooking anything positive written about a car, I’m going to cover my bases right now:

I like the car. I like the car. I like the car. I like the car. It’s actually pretty cool. I like it.

There. That ought to cover my ass. I’m probably still going to keep a fire extinguisher nearby though…

It would be cool if the owner would chime in with some more information about this car. I’d love to know more about it.

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