Wait, What?!

I was trying to take a picture on my phone of an Accord with a single Flowmaster right under the bumper with a 4th gen z28 square tip when something white and wearing a huge wing caught my eye instead. It turned into a 711 so I followed it in there and waited for the guy to go inside. Then I snapped a couple pictures real quick.

It’s actually pretty terrifying trying to take a picture of someones car to make fun of it when you’ve seen the owner and he’s seen you. Anyways… I was really excited just to get a picture of a Focus with such a big wing. Then I realized I was in the presence of a mighty Ford Focus Cobra!

And no, it wasn’t a v8 swap Focus. And even if it were, this is still ridiculous and you know it.

Insult to Injury

“Ok… what’s the plan?”

“Don’t you remember? He said it needs to be simultaneously the ugliest and most pointless car anyone’s ever seen!”

“You mean like a Smart Car?”

“Ok, maybe not quite so ugly or pointless. Second most ugly and pointless then.”


“This is tough”

“Yeah, screw this. I can’t think of anything. Why don’t we just start working on another customer’s car and come back to this later?”

“That’s a good idea, we really need to finish up on Richard’s car, the combination second gen Camaro/dune buggy. It was supposed to be done last week.”

“Cool. I’ll try and think of something while I finish painting the drivers side rear brake drum yellow and cutting long slits into the hood.”

There it is again!

I’ve seen this fucking stupid thing twice now. Both times, it was right around 43rd ave and Greenway. Actually, I really can’t decide whether I like it or hate it. Decide for yourself.

No more fucking fucked up friends! (Or trucks.)