Everything I despise about minitruck culture all in one vehicle

“All show and no go” is the calling card of the lowrider movement. The minitruck subculture within the lowrider culture itself epitomizes this idea. Take a compact truck equipped with an inline four cylinder engine or V6 and modify the suspension and body to the point that the vehicle is no longer useful for hauling or towing for the sole purpose of attracting attention. Some of these vehicles are a marvel of home-brewed engineering, and that I can respect, even if I don’t like the look.

However, this vehicle is a testament to the opposite side of that culture. One where ricer parts intermix with ones from domestic luxury vehicles. “Stance” is king, and poor workmanship runs rampant. There is nothing about this vehicle that says that the owner cares for it at all other than the somewhat tidy bondo and primer job. The police sticker is just icing on the cake, I suppose.