Explorer Sport Trac: Adrenaline, The First Generation



Almost three months ago exactly, I made a post criticizing the second generation Explorer Sport Trac. More specifically the GT-R nose-jobbed “Adrenaline” edition. Because nothing releases that epinephrine in massive doses quite like overwrought factory body cladding, factory upgraded stereo systems and a black-out grille. This is Ricing 101, folks.


Well, not even a mile away (on the exact same road, mind you) I happened across it’s less ostentatious older brother: the first generation Sport Trac Adrenaline. Also driven by a female that could be classified being of the soccer mom variety. As you can see, other than a rather out-of-place emblem on the back, it looks just like a regular Sport Trac… which is a bit of an oxymoron, since these things are a mechanical tribute to horrible cosmetic surgery.

The only thing that could have saved this trim level – as far as an ethusiast is concerned – would have been the 302hp DOHC 4.6L drivetrain out the Aviator and a really steep final drive ratio. It’s too bad FoMoCo was always stingy with the DOHC modular mills when it came to their namesake brand.