FFT: Short Day

I remember being very mad when I went to go take this massive plate steel bumper off the truck by myself, only to find that the last person that used my jack rendered it inoperable. So after the 30 minutes it took to repair my jack I was able to safely (relatively speaking) get the old farmer john bumper off the back. It was up on craigslist for a while for only $20 but there was no bites so I’m going to bend the metal across the top back and repaint it white and sell it for $80. I’ll post pictures when i get it done.


After, featuring my repaired jack.

I don’t like the look of a roll pan, so I think I’m going to go with a steel bumper. Just a more stylish and less workhorse one. The bumper I removed weighs over 100lbs as well, so I’m sure I’m making Colin Chapman proud with it’s new found added lightness.