Fiberfab Avenger GT/Valkyrie Kit Car (what remains)

A few weeks back I took a trip to California, naturally I was on the lookout for anything interesting or uncommon.  At some point I ended up walking through a small field of grass that had within it a little square area surrounded by a fence.  Inside was what appeared to be a very sad looking GT40 type mid engined kit car.

From what I have gathered this is either a Fiberfab Avenger GT or Valkyrie.  Unless there are subtle differences that I haven’t found a mention of the only real difference is towards the rear of the car where it is either a bit longer or shorter depending on the engine/donor setup.  The Avenger was the shorter of the two, designed for a Corvair or VW setup.  The longer Valkyrie model was setup for a larger V8 engine.

The company developed and sold the kit in the 1960’s and into the 1970’s until it was sold. From what I have gathered new kits were pretty hard to come by until recently.  New owners are now producing the kit again, based off of the original molds.  I have a pretty good feeling that the car I stumbled across is from the original lineup.

Kind of a strange car to stumble across.  The company also produced body kits for 60’s Mustangs and a small “Run-About” model for VW’s.

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8 thoughts on “Fiberfab Avenger GT/Valkyrie Kit Car (what remains)

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  2. You made my Avenger famous. I own that car. It is in this sad state because it has not been driven since 1977. It was a factory built turn key car In 1968. It was lime green before that bass boat blue glitter paint job it has now. It was built on a stock 1964 Beetle chassis. I have an IRS chassis with a Porsche 5 speed, disc brakes, and a 2275 48 IDA Weber carbed nitrous equipped engine to put the Avenger body on. Owning and operating an auto shop makes it hard sometimes to get my cars to the front of the line.

    • I understand that completely. I myself have quite a few vehicles currently stuck in “project car purgatory”. Thanks for sharing the details and be sure to send us pictures of the car when it gets finished!

    • I saw this today! It’s a bit more covered now. the van behind it was cool as well. Good luck with the build!
      Michael Birkeneder

    • Hi!
      I just acquired a car which may or may not be your car as well, but here on L.I. It has this “Hyde DFC” stuff; metal emblems and paint down the side of the car. Twin port VW 1600 engine, 4 wheel drum brakes, all glass windows, some powder coated suspension upgrades, and a tube frame made out of 1/8 wall 2×2 tubing.
      Trying to make heads and tails out of this car, am going to put it back together and use it as a daily driver.

  3. Project car purgatory! I love it. That is the perfect description. I will put up some pics when I get closer to completion. It is kind of funny that I don’t even have any pics of this car (or any of the other cars I own) and it ends up on the Google image search for Fiberfab Avenger.

  4. My car is nearly done, paint is on ,interior is in and the running gear is mazda RX7. However I have a request can anyone tell me where i can buy the headlight covers for the avenger or valkarie bodies?

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