Ford F350 XLT Super Duty Lifted Truck

I’ve seen some lifted trucks in my day, but this thing really takes the cake. No other passenger vehicle I’ve ever seen has a lift this ridiculous going on.

The truck is a Ford F350 XLT Super Duty crew cab. I’ve seen it around town both at the Severed in the Southwest car show in 2011 and a couple of times out at the Scottsdale Pavilions. It was built by Genesis Automotive, the same shop I wrote about in the ’68 Lincoln Continental post.

I’m not sure what year the truck is, as this body style was used from 1999-2007. The lift is custom fabricated and there are air bags to raise and lower the body. The front end has some black projector headlights and a billet grille, both of which probably came from eBay.

I can’t identify the wheels, but they are wrapped in Michelin XZL tires that are specially made for earth-moving equipment. These tires weigh 196 pounds a piece and cost about $400 bucks each, but I guess that’s the price ya pay to be king of the road.

Lots of people in Arizona drive lifted trucks, but to lift a truck this much means living with some serious compromises. For example, this truck cannot:

  • Tow anything
  • Go through the drive-thru
  • Be parked in the garage
  • Drive under low bridges
  • Participate in charity car washes
  • Transport anything in the bed that you cannot lift over your head (groceries, lumber, etc are out)

With 40-inch tall tires, it also has a reduced top speed, worse fuel economy, and it becomes a serious safety hazard when you cannot see other cars on the road. It’s not the type of truck you would thrash around out in the desert, and the lack of chrome indicates that it’s not a show truck. I’m really not sure what to make of this thing.

And yet, in spite of all that, this truck manages to escape every other cliche associated with lifted truck drivers. There are no exhaust stacks exiting vertically through the bed, no giant American flag graphics covering the back window, and no stickers related to Metal Mulisha, Tapout, or SKIN. Because of that, I actually kind of like it.