Ford Ranger GT

Back in 1959, Ford introduced a rather unusual vehicle called the Ranchero. It was a half-car, half-truck creation that offered car-like handling with the utility of a small pickup truck. Ford ended production of the Ranchero in 1979, and they haven’t built anything like it since then.

While driving around the other day, I spotted something that caught my eye. This enterprising driver has taken it upon himself to create his own version of the Ranchero…sort of. Whereas the Ranchero was a car with truck-like abilities, this driver has created a truck with car-like abilities.

As you can see from the graphics, this truck has been dubbed by its creator as the Ranger GT. It has the wheels and tires from a late-model Ford Mustang. Having never seen another vehicle quite like this, I can only assume that is is the “lone” Ranger GT in the world.