Ford SVT F-150 Lightning

I’m going to break from the norm here, and disagree slightly with the wording of my post yesterday and say this:

The First Generation Lightnings are better.

Heresy! I’m aware. I just said that the GT-40 5.8L Windsor is a much more pedestrian mill than the 5.4L, let alone one with a fucking supercharger on top! And it’s slower!! Have I lost my god-damn mind?

The 5.8L 351 Windsor in the First Generation Lightning (a spin-off sport truck of the Ninth generation F-series) only made 240hp and this here fancy supercharged one makes 360hp. This newer lightning has a way fancier chassis as well. Even a regular tenth generation F-150 rides like a Buick compared to the hard Oregon-trail-wagon-ride of the previous generation.

What’s my deal? I simply don’t give a shit. The 93-95 Lightnings were built on a platform that actually belonged to a truck. When the new F-series came in 1997, it separated from the F-250s and F-350s. If you wanted a truck, you had to opt for a 3/4 ton or heavier chassis. They were coined the “SuperDuty” series. To this day Ford has stuck with this convention. The F-150 is the baby-dick truck that’s got all the fancy shit like supercharged v6’s and rides like a cloud. I see them as cars with a bed. A Subaru Baja with Country-music attitude tattooed on it’s soul. All the Toby Keith’s and Mike Rowe’s of the world (sorry Mike!) couldn’t get me to see otherwise.

The previous F-150 was a truck. A vehicle with a base engine that was a 300 cubic inch L6. We’re talking the mentality that gave birth to ideas like the 305 cubic inch v6’s found in many 60-66 GMC trucks. Even the half ton doesn’t fuck around. Every trim gets a piece of the action.

So what does all this rhetoric have to do with a sport truck? Namely one that I’m not even featuring pictures of? How the fuck am I supposed to know? I’m just trying to fill space between these pictures of this truck that I like… Just not as much as the one that came before it.

If you drive a first generation Lightning (bonus points if it’s white) we’d love to feature it. Contact me at