The owner of this car seemed kind of weird. He was nice, but it seemed like he was really downplaying the car for some reason. I can’t understand why though, it sure seems pretty impressive to me. I mean, there’s a fucking gigantic hole cut out of the hood. I found a video on Youtube of him running a 10.24 in the 1/4 mile. That’s seriously fast for a car that starts out life as well, sorry to any of you MX-6/Probe fans, a little bit of a turd.

Well, it’s pretty clear that the secret to Frankenprobe’s speed is lots and lots of boost. And money. After hearing the owner talk about the car, I came away with the idea that he just kind of slapped an eBay turbo on the stock motor and hoped for the best. Then I found videos of him showing off the motor in his garage, and a thread on a Probe forum where he is talking about designing his own transmission gears in AutoCad. Obviously, this build is a lot more in-depth than he wanted me to believe that night.

He was really adamant that I not shoot his license plate when we saw him at the Pavilions (which I never do anyways, unless I plan to blur it out), which led me to believe the car wasn’t registered or something, but then later that night we actually ran into him again, near 51st Ave and Bell. If he was able to make it from Scottsdale to all the way to west Bell with no tags and a paint job as goofy as that one, without getting pulled over, that would be more impressive to me than making a Probe run 10’s. I’m thinking the car actually is registered and he’s just one of those tin foil hat guys or something.

This looks the perfect setup for taking videos of other people’s license plates

Aside from the weird vibes I picked up about the license plate thing, I still really like the car. Obviously, a tremendous amount of time and effort went into it, and I think it’s an awesome machine.

Check out the pictures of what is most likely the fastest Probe around, and if you want more information, try searching Google for “frankenprobe”. It turns up all kinds of stuff.

P.S. If you don’t want word of your car spreading around, it’s probably best not to name it something really memorable.

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