GenHO 1 Year Anniversary: “What Got You Into Cars?” – Bryan, Editor

It basically goes something like this.  I was born in the mid 1980’s. My family hauled my brother and I around in the back seat of a 1979 Ford Thunderbird until the mid to late 1990’s.  It was well maintained and owned since new by my grandparents.  It only had a 302 but wasn’t meant to go fast and I’m positive my mom could care less.  Pumping the gas and frustration on cold mornings was an occasional regular.  As a child it never even occurred to me that it was a large car or that it was an old car, or even dated looking, it was just my moms car and it took us everywhere.  Not a single time in my entire child life did it leave us stranded or broken down and I never thought twice about it.

Every few weekends my dad would be doing some sort of work on his car, it was a 302 swapped 1970 Maverick.  It was fast, it was loud, what existed of the interior was ‘rough’ to say the least, and the back seat (you know, where the kids sit) wasn’t bolted down.  The paint was a faded yellow with a large chip on the rear right fender that would always painfully leave paint up under my finger nails.  The hood was brown, then spray painted yellow, then eventually a faded yellow/brown amalgamation.  This was also a regular fixture in my life until the mid 90’s.

The car I was the most fascinated with was my grandmas Towncar.  It was new, it had four doors, and it was just as smooth as my moms Thunderbird.  It had digital gauges and what seemed like a million perfectly square buttons that I wasn’t allowed to touch. It looked like the Towncar it replaced but was much fancier.  Somehow I always thought it would end up as my first car.. which ended up being a Ford Taurus.

My parents never had a modern car growing up (although there was a 1984 Ranger as a work truck) and I didn’t think much about it, until now.

Now to get off track.. What does the future from the 1980’s look like? Wedge shapes, wireframe, square buttons, and digital gauges.  Well, what does the future look like from where I’m sitting currently in 2013? Wedge shapes, wireframe, square buttons, and digital gauges.  These things are fascinating to no end and were drilled in at a young age.  So one day you will understand why I’ll have an all white tool less garage with lights that are a little too bright and no windows.  This is where I will park my Subaru XT next to my first gen Isuzu Impulse.. because I’m out daily driving my white SHO Plus.

My age and what I grew up around seem to help explain why I like the type of cars that I do. But ultimately I’ll assume that being in that primitive, noisy, and fast car as a kid is probably why I like cars the begin with.