Get to the (Bright Matte Pink) Choppa

Loud paint saves lives. I don’t have much else to say about this motorcycle in particular, but as I was attempting to take a picture of it, a very familiar Ford Ranger pulled up next to me on the opposite side. The driver was a pretty nice guy, and it turns out he was in the midst of filming the boost gauge on the street as we crossed paths. The operator of the motorcycle however, cautioned that “…this better not be for some porn site.”

I hope he isn’t disappointed.

One thought on “Get to the (Bright Matte Pink) Choppa

  1. Biker: So I was thinking that I really want my bike to look like it’s made of cake frosting!
    Body Shop Guy: Are you sure you want…
    Biker: Yeah man! Just do it!
    Body Shop Guy: *sigh of disappointment*

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